$100,000 Savings Challenge

A weekly guide to saving $100,000 over a year.

$100,000 Savings Challenge

1) Do you feel like you could be further along in building money for your future?

2) Find yourself in financial jams because expenses keep popping up?

3) Need guidance in knowing what amounts to save each week?

Many of us want to save more money but don't know where to start. We all need a little direction sometimes especially when it comes to our finances.

This spreadsheet will definitely help.

This spreadsheet includes:

  • templates on what amounts to transfer in order to save $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000

**If you are interested in saving amounts different than these simply take one of the templates and either multiply or divide the numbers to reach your desired savings amount**

**If you would like me and my team to hold you accountable weekly, simply email [email protected]**

Download Spreadsheet

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